By   July 14, 2016

If your hair is thinning out (or disappearing altogether), you might be wondering if a hair transplant is for you. Many men go through the same decision — among them some well-known celebrities. Let’s look at some famous men who have used hair transplants to revitalize their appearance.

John Travolta Head Shot

John Travolta — that’s right, the heartthrob from Grease and Saturday Night Fever has augmented his looks with some hair transplants. Between 2011 and 2014, a classic case of male pattern baldness became a widow’s peak, buttressed by transplants.



Jude Law Head ShotJude Law — Hair loss even hits the coolest of Brits, and Law is no exception. However, if you look at pictures of him after 2014, you can see some of the warning signs at work that keep some men from getting the transplants done, as the core shape of the bald pattern is still there, but his hair looks more like seaweed than anything else.



Costner HairKevin Costner — Didn’t you notice his receding hairline back in the 1980s, in such films as Bull Durham? The only explanation for the stability in his hair — and the growth that has come back since then — is the use of transplants.




John Cryer's Hair After His Hair TransplantJon Cryer — In the summer of 2013, this co-star of “Two and a Half Men” went from having a thinning hair across the entire top of his head to a relatively full pallet. When talk show host Conan O’Brien asked him about this miracle, Cryer told him what had happened: he had not gotten a hairpiece but, instead, had gone through the transplant process.



Tom Hanks After His Hair RestorationTom Hanks — Back when he was making such 1980s hits like Big, Hanks’ hair was already on the decline. Since then, though, his hairline has remained in place. The difference? It certainly looks like some transplants have kept things from receding further.



Curious about using this process yourself? It does not work for everyone, but if done correctly, it can keep your hairline where it is — and even bring it back forward.Contact us to learn more

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