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    Personally, I'm extremely excited about the following press release. I would be elated to see both Leonardis and Sayoc on the TC together!

    Los Gatos, CA – Marico Sayoc, now serving her 8th year on the Los Gatos Planning Commission, today announces her candidacy for the Los Gatos Town Council.

    Marico states, “Los Gatos is a remarkable community. I hope the people of Los Gatos will give me the privilege and honor of serving them and doing all that I can to help ensure Los Gatos remains a truly special town.”

    Marico has served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Planning Commission, and has been a member of the General Plan Committee, North 40 Advisory Committee, Historic Preservation Committee, Conceptual Development Advisory Committee, and the Los Gatos Sustainability Committee.

    Marico is married with two children. Her daughter is currently a 6th grader at RJ Fisher Middle School, and her son is a 3rd grader at Blossom Hill Elementary School. As the mother of school-age children, she has served on the Blossom Hill
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    I stumbled upon the following press release today:

    Los Gatos, CA – Los Gatos Mayor, Steve Leonardis, is announcing his candidacy for re-election to the Los Gatos Town Council. “I have decided to run for a second term to help ensure that Los Gatos remains a great place to live. Our residents, businesses and schools are facing many challenges due to the town’s popularity, including the critical issues of traffic and parking. I will continue to work hard to address those issues.”

    Steve has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, and worked at IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Mercury Interactive before starting his own local financing business. Steve’s public service includes representing the Town of Los Gatos on the Finance Committee, the Santa Clara Valley Water District Commission, the Santa Clara County Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Policy Advisory Committee, and West Valley organizations including the Flood Protection and Watershed Advisory Committees.
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    Are you there? I'm not. Please feel free to post your observations about the meeting below:

    The agenda can be found here: LGUSD

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    I received the following .pdf from a reader. He/she asked me to post his/her comment from Geometry is in the Bag?!?!?! along with the .pdf. So, here you go:

    Dear 11:53

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Why is this community struggling so much while peer cities are thriving vis-a-vis their public schools, maybe the earlier discussions around the ethnic makeup of our time are real. Time to recruit families that are focused on academics vs. nail salons. The slogan really is unacceptable to the 1%, but not the THE 1%, would be better. Overall the majority of parents approved of what the board and LGEF is doing, sorry but that is truth.

    If you are correct that the majority of parents approve of what the board and LGEF are doing, then why are LGEF donations at an all time low? The sad facts are that the majority of parents are clueless about what the board and LGEF does and doesn't do and are just putting their misguided faith in the system. We all want to believe that things are great so that we don't have to deal with the ugly reality of how much is lacking in our schools. Friends in Los Altos public elementary kids report that they work in project based learning groups and they have a tech lab with 3D printers that all grades cycle through AND they have an accelerated math track.

    If you've been to any board meetings you will know what a broken process we have. Diana runs the show and tells the board what to do and when. She tells them what she wants to tell them. The board needs to ask more questions and tell Diana what to do. She works for them (and by extension, us). There have been so many irregularies from the board of trustees and Diana Abbati that I cannot even recount them all without needing an entire article. There was an investigation undertaken as recently as October 2012. The investigation in October 2012 never made it to the public. Didn't want to have to do this, but when people do not understand the level of corruption that we have had, then it's time for them to become educated. I am sending in a pdf of the report to KLR so that people can see for themselves.

    If you've seen what LGEF has been forced to do fund over the last few years (huge reserves) and you are OK with it, then I'm sorry for you. It's a completely broken process. The district tells LGEF what to raise money for. Shouldn't LGEF raise money and then tell the district how to spend their gifts? There was a survey last year where the community said loud and clear that they wanted to spend money on academics. The majority of the LGEF board has turned over in each of the last two years; including two
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    I don't know... I kind of like "distractions." Parents, including Ty (I don't want to leave him out since I felt like such an ass for the last post), were out protesting at Blossom Hill today. I hope the community wasn't too "distracted" by the chaos:

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    Ok Ok Ok.... I fully admit that I've been wrapped up in my own life and not paying much attention to the school math issues. I've read what readers have commented on InsideLG. I've had people calling me asking me where the hell I am and why I'm not covering this topic. I am one of "those parents" right now who is relying on the vocal parents to be advocates for my children and I totally apologize. Why? Because I know I should be doing more.

    So, when I was dropping the kids off at school yesterday, I was stoked, (yes, "stoked" because I am a child of the 80's) to see Joe Madden protesting with his daughter. It's one of my favorite things about living in America: Even if I don't agree with the protest, people have the right to voice opinions. Luckily for Joe, I happen to agree with him. I leaned over to my co-worker, we carpool together, and said, "Joe Madden is one of the coolest dads in LG because he's so overly involved with the schools." Previously, when I thought I could change LG and stop over development, high density housing, and save our school curriculum (HAHAHA, what was I smoking?), I would attend the school board meetings that are run like
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    I don't have a lot of time to post articles right now; however, I wanted to share this gem with you. Marc Donahue and the dredg guys, both who attended LGHS with me, have created yet another masterpiece. It's been shared all over the internet and local tv news but I thought it needed to be represented on InsideLG as well.

    The following is a blurb from Marc that was featured on YouTube:

    I was truly inspired by the song I left my heart in San Francisco by Tony Bennett. I already had a passion for time-lapse and of course, the beautiful landscape that is SF. Thinking on how to approach a new project I decided it was best to collaborate with Dredg, a band that I had grown up with and admired. Dredg was equally excited about the prospect of covering one of the best classic songs of our time and morphing it into something artistic and new. We primarily used the Canon 5D Mark III, which has served as an amazing product for our projects. To capture unique movement within our shots we used Dynamic Perception's Stage 0 and the Stage 1 accompanied with Emotimo's TB3 Black Pan & Tilt System. ...
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    I received the following email from an InsideLG reader and thought I'd share it. Let me know what you think:


    Fisher Middle is in the process of eliminating the accelerated math track which many of our children in the district had benefited from. This is the direct path way for AP math high school math class. Without the accelerated math track, Los Gatos students will lag behind children in other districts. This is important.

    Please see the link below for a petition to keep the accelerated math track allowing students to qualify AP math class by Junior year. We need as many signatures as possible because we need to convince the school board that the community cares for math. There is an impression that school board believes LG community weighs math behind music and sports. If you care about your children's education, please consider signing the petition. We need to get their attention as soon as possible.

    It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

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    OK... I've been out of the loop for awhile. I admit it. I've been swallowed by the corporate world. I normally don't wear my heart on my sleeve on any social media site; however, I'll let you in on a bit of my personal life. A few years ago, my husband and I decided to separate. As good as friends as he and I are, we thought it was best to live apart. That said, I had to pick myself up and get a "real job." Not only did I land a real job, but I did it at one of the most amazing companies in Silicon Valley. For that, I am extremely fortunate.

    Since that time, I've received numerous emails and calls from people asking me to come back. As much as I would have liked to, I just couldn't. The day to day life of trying to keep my family life balanced as much as possible and embark on my new career was proving to be too much. InsideLG had to be placed on the back burner. It was like losing a piece of me.

    I'm present for the moment and I hope to bring back InsideLG to what it once was. With that, I'll need your help. I'm asking all of the residents of LG to contribute articles -- if you want to remain anonymous, that's fine. If you want to contribute a piece with your name on it, well then, all the better. It's time to make LG a better place. Because my time is so limited, I'll only be accepting articles written by the people about current events.

    I'm back for a few reasons. For one, I'm effing sick and tired of watching the crap on the Boulevard. Growing up here, the Boulevard was a blooming space. Now, it's the Boulevard of broken dreams. BROKEN?? Yes, effing broken. Why? Well, because certain people, ahem Town Council, have voted in high density housing, large medical
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    I know I've been MIA. To all of the readers who have reached out to me via email, text, and phone calls: thank you.

    I'm back for a flash and I plan to post a snarky article on Monday. Why? Because I'm "tired" of the petitioners asking for us to "save Netflix."

    I've had numerous people ask me if they should sign, why they shouldn't sign, etc. I'll get into that in Monday's article titled "NIBMY." It's awesome that one of the two people behind this petition was just complaining before the Planning Commission that a two-story house shouldn't be built next door to her. No kidding, I can't make this crap up. Yet, it's OK for tall buildings to be constructed next to Charter Oaks. Sure, Charter Oaks is next to a commercial zone; however, it's the town's job to protect them from allowing buildings to be constructed above the town standard of 35'. Again, it's ok in someone else's backyard -- just not next door to your own home. NIMBY.

    So, I ask you, please WAIT to sign anything until you know ALL the facts. Seriously, what you hear is not always the truth.

    I also beg of you to go and ask the petitioners questions. Record it on your phone send the
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    Hi folks, I'd like to submit the following for discussion:

    I received my ballot for the Parcel Tax yesterday. I've decided to vote "yes". Not because it's an easy decision but because it's the right call for the kids. Here is my thought process:

    I put some serious thought into voting "no" this time, because I think that Diana and the Board will waste this money. Their decisions on most issues have been 180 degrees opposite of where I would go. I still think that they will waste most of the money, but having this money will relieve some pressure on the system, so that they slow down the class size increases and program cuts.

    Voting against the parcel tax is an emotional reaction, based on anger against the Board. My emotional side wants to do it, to hurt the Board and hopefully cause a change in our system. On the other hand, a “no” vote also hurts the kids. In the end, I am not willing to starve the kids in order to cause a change in leadership.

    Personally, I would prefer
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    While I'm on a roll, I decided to write another quick article about the new gun shop in LG. I live in an awesome little community inside Los Gatos that has a neighborhood forum. Every now and then a hot topic catches fire and people get riled up. I enjoy being a part of the forum because I can read all sides of the story AND neighbors use their real names. We have a volunteer who verifies that members are in fact residents of our little sub-community. Really, I am very fortunate to live where I do.

    Today, someone shared an article from the Patch that stated there is a new gun store in town on University. "Oh boy" I thought to myself, "this is going to be a good one." Was I ever right!

    The new gun store (Full disclaimer: I have not verified the gun store is actually there, I'm going off the Patch article) is located where Morrow's Automotive was previously housed.

    So, my question to you: How do you feel about having a gun shop in Los Gatos?

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    I received an email from my daughters' school today that contained a letter from Susan von Felten, the Director of Curriculum for LGUSD.

    I need to be brutally honest, I have never written anything on this site that I don't stand by. That said, I have never engaged in the comments bashing teachers and/or principals. Every resident is entitled to his/her opinion.
    My articles call out issues and problems; however, I stand behind my comments/articles with my name. I've had wonderful experiences with LGUSD, both as a student and as a parent. I'm not going to sugar-coat and say everything has been perfect because nothing is perfect--not even me! When I have an issue, I talk to those who can help and hope the issue will be resolved. People are people, we make mistakes and with constructive criticism, I believe we can change.

    When I received BH's email earlier, I sat in disbelief. Again, people are people and we all make mistakes; however, the following letter concerns me. In the past year, Susan von Felten was named LGUSD's Director of Curriculum. I don't have
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    I just received the following press release from the LG/MS Police Dept:
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    Here's video surveillance and a new PR that the LG/MS Police Dept released today:

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    Blacy’s Fine Jewelers was robbed at gunpoint just after noon today by two men wearing ski masks, gloves, and brandishing semi-automatic pistols. The suspects allegedly smashed display cases as they held the employees at gunpoint. They made off with an unspecified quantity of jewelry, but no one was hurt.
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    Local author Ira Spector administers the oath of office to his wife, newly re-elected councilperson (and now Mayor) Barbara Spector and her Vice-Mayor Steve Leonardis.

    Things will be different. In recent years, Barbara Spector and Steve Leonardis have been outvoted on issues, as past-mayor Steve Rice and Diane McNutt have tended to vote with former mayor Joe Pirzynski. Last night, the gavel passed to Barbara, whose friend Marcia Jensen will replace Rice next month. Joe Pirzynski and Diane McNutt can expect to be outvoted at times. Both must stand for re-election in two years, and voters will likely remember the needless election of 2012.

    It is not a stretch to label this the start of the Spector era in Los Gatos politics, and she warned everyone last night to get ready for a busy agenda in 2013. Her vice-mayor, Steve Leonardis is an up-and-comer, active and involved and showing real leadership on projects like the Oak Meadow flagpole. My forecast? The next four years will be lively, with a chance of getting things ...
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    I didn't make it to the TC Meeting tonight; however, I was glued to my computer at home. I'd like to congratulate Los Gatos' new Mayor, Barbara Spector, and new Vice Mayor, Steve Leonardis. Also, Marcia Jensen will soon join the Town Council. Personally, I'm excited for 2013 -- good things are going to happen!

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    I’ve received emails asking where I’ve been and why I don’t care anymore. I need to be honest with our readers. I give up. Oh, wait… no, that’s not it. I was offered a full-time position at a local corporation and I sold out accepted it. Yup, that sums it up. Because I’m striving for a balance with my home life vs. work life, I’ve taken a few steps back from InsideLG; however, you may have noticed that I have a new assistant – Pepper Potts. Potts, who wishes not to be named because shame comes on all those associated with me, will be posting from time to time. So, please give a huge applause to Potts – the keeper of my secrets.

    Moving on… I plan to be at the Town Council meeting tonight. I was disappointed in a decision 4 out of 5 made at the last TC meeting (good old exemption of story poles from Winchester/Albright); however, I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to write about it. Tonight though… tonight will be interesting. The appointment of a new Mayor and Vice Mayor will take place. Barbara Spector will probably be voted ...
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    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2012 -- 6:00 P.M. -


    CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATOR (Government Code Section 54956.8) Properties: 110 E. Main Street (Former Library Building) Negotiating parties: Town of Los Gatos (Negotiator: Greg Larson, Town Manager) Los Gatos Museum (Negotiator: Executive Director) Friends of the Library (Negotiator: Chair) Under negotiation: Price and terms of lease




    2012 Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Winners: Michael Hand, C.T. English Middle School, Shira Kahn-Samuelson, Kehillah Jewish High School, Hannah Spinner, Los Gatos High School, Sabera Talukder, Los Gatos High School


    Commendations 2012 Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Winners Awards > LEED Gold Certification for Town Library > Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) (Fiscal Year Ending: June 30, 2011)