• Los Gatos Most Expensive Meal on Good Morning America

    Thanks to the reader that sent this tip in - Los Gatos was featured on Good Morning America, with a story about Katsu. The new restaurant, occupying the space formerly known as Valeriano's, is making the news with a $1200 dinner.

    photo credit: gma.yahoo.com

    Other readers have sent us notes about the $27 glass of wine, the $150 sashimi, and the mad dash to Pizza My Heart to quell their hungry belly. Have you been to Katsu? What do you think, is this an addition to our local scene that downtown needed?

    To see the full report, click here.
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      2:33 PM - YOU are the problem with this town. Spewing "aw shucks" and "going ritzy". Putting down the people who have been longer than you and making them out to be simpletons because they don't rake in millions a year. Clearly you're a transplant with no class.
      los gatos' "PROBLEMS"???? los gatos has NO PROBLEMS. try visiting gary indiana. or detroit. they have problems. you have no problems. more people were killed in chicago last year by bullet than in afghanistan (yes). thats a problem. if your only "problem" is that one restaurant out of a hundred isn't catering explicitly to your charming little parochial worldview...then you're a typical LG "townie"
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