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    InsideLG is committed to sharing all reader viewpoints, including the anonymous ones. The recent discussion regarding the value of using ones real name is a great example of just the kind exchange we love – healthy debate between those who love our town. And yes, InsideLG still allows anonymous comments to be posted.

    As a result, we’ve been experiencing an increasing level of SPAM in our comments section. For the most part, the SPAM consists of indecipherable quasi-English gibberish, and most likely links that will cause your computer great harm. Please know that we are working on the problem, deleting them as fast as we can. In the mean time, please ignore them and don’t click on anything! We are also researching more effective tools to keep the SPAMmers out without making it too cumbersome for the rest of you. If any of our readers have suggestions and/or solutions, we're all ears.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      look, why not just solve the issue once and for all and remove anonymous posts

      by removing anonymous posts, you need not personally identify the poster...people can use IDs like "Mary P0ppins" or "The Incredible Bulk!"...so at least you will have a unique string that associates a comment with a particular poster.

      mandating that people use their real names is impossible, so don't even bother going there. and to people who use their real name: i have worked with personal data of users on very large websites and i can tell you that unless you are REQUIRED to provide you real name (making a purchase, etc), NEVER use your real information. EVER. its just stupid. you don't know who is reading your posts. make something up.
    1. Joe Friday's Avatar
      Joe Friday -
      I use Askimet for Wordpress, and it seems to capture a lot of junk. Might work with vBulletin.
    1. kir's Avatar
      kir -
      Quote Originally Posted by Joe Friday View Post
      I use Askimet for Wordpress, and it seems to capture a lot of junk. Might work with vBulletin.
      Hi Joe,

      Thanks! I think I have it figurerd out for now. If it happens again, I'll check out Askimet. Hope you are doing well!
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    MS stands for which city next to our town of Los Gatos?