• Barbara Spector is Mayor - Submitted by Alastair Dallas

    Local author Ira Spector administers the oath of office to his wife, newly re-elected councilperson (and now Mayor) Barbara Spector and her Vice-Mayor Steve Leonardis.

    Things will be different. In recent years, Barbara Spector and Steve Leonardis have been outvoted on issues, as past-mayor Steve Rice and Diane McNutt have tended to vote with former mayor Joe Pirzynski. Last night, the gavel passed to Barbara, whose friend Marcia Jensen will replace Rice next month. Joe Pirzynski and Diane McNutt can expect to be outvoted at times. Both must stand for re-election in two years, and voters will likely remember the needless election of 2012.

    It is not a stretch to label this the start of the Spector era in Los Gatos politics, and she warned everyone last night to get ready for a busy agenda in 2013. Her vice-mayor, Steve Leonardis is an up-and-comer, active and involved and showing real leadership on projects like the Oak Meadow flagpole. My forecast? The next four years will be lively, with a chance of getting things done.

    -Alastair Dallas

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