• LGUSD Board meeting recording, 11/13/12 - Submitted by Joe Friday

    Thanks to Joe Friday, we have audio of the most recent LGUSD Board Workshop.

    The agenda is linked from the LGUSD web site.


    ================================================== ========

    3.1 - 3.4 Flag Salute, Report out of Closed Session, Approval of Agenda, Public Comment

    3.5 Superintendent's Report

    - Lori Ranieri's update on bond sales

    4.0 Consent agenda

    5.1-5.2 PUBLIC HEARING, Developer Fees Justification

    5.3-5.4 PUBLIC HEARING, Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals

    5.5 Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Annual Report

    5.6 Imagine LGUSD 2022 Report - Long Range Facilities Master Plan

    5.7 Lexington Modernization Construction Management Contract

    5.8 Budget Update - Impact of November 6, 2012 Election Results

    5.9 Board Policies 3000 Series: Business and Noninstructional Operations, First Reading

    5.10 Board Policies 7000 Series: Facilities, First Reading

    6.1 LGUSD Attendance Calendar for the 2013-2014 School Year

    6.2 Superintendent's Goals for 2012-2013 School Year

    6.3 Proposed Los Gatos Education Foundation Grants for 2013-2014 School Year

    7.0 Board Items

    The end!

    For an archive of audio from
    recent board meetings, please visit:

    Joe Friday - Los Gatos
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    1. Pepper Potts's Avatar
      Pepper Potts -
      *** posted by 'LGEF Donor' on another article ***

      For those that sifted through the material here, there is some important information buried in the recording and district materials regarding the District's wish list for LGEF grants:

      1. $400K of donations will be put into reserve. Asking parents to donate money for some vague future contingency is ridiculous.
      2. $600K will be earmarked for Music and Art, despite the Parcel Tax and Home&School money already devoted to these areas. Parents are confused because every fundraiser refers to Music and Art.
      3. $225K requested for school counselors, which is great but clearly not fundable by parent donations.
      4. $700K requested for "STEM" but after listening to the recording, most of it is intended to replace laptops which are working fine and there is no technology plan on whether laptops are the right choice. LGEF plans to hold off on buying laptops because the District will only be replacing laptops with newer, shinier models with no impact on academics.
      5. The second part of the STEM request relates to iPads for math at Fisher...this part might be worthwhile but only if it leads to differentiated instruction.
      6. Only $94K out of the requested $1.8M is clearly tied to science.

      Does anybody believe that LGEF will be able to raise more money with this kind of plan? Didn't anybody pay attention to the results of the LGEF parent/donor survey?

      I encourage the LGEF Board to reject this stupid list of grant requests, and tell the District that parents want to fund some game-changing science programs.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Based on #1 above, reserves at this high of a level (25% of the overall fundraising goal) funded by parents, when such a large portion of all school funding in this district is already community funded is absolutely ridiculous! The BOT and Superintendent have been repeatedly told this in multiple venues and forums, but refuse to listen to the people that fund and elect them.

      One quarter of every dollar donated will go into an account and sit, doing absolutely nothing for the students? I think it's time for LGEF to call their bluff and grant the funds without the reserves.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I thought that LGEF did a survey to find out what parents wanted. This doesn't sound like the list of programs that parents asked for
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