• LG Resident Opinion - “Peace, Order and Good Government”

    Now that this year’s General Election is for most of us just a distant memory, it’s about time for government (particularly our local government) to get back to the business of governance (def. the act of governing consisting of the separate processes of management and leadership).

    That said, it is unfortunate that in recent months past, an attempted putsch (def. a sudden attempt by a group to overthrow the institutions of government), with the underlying objective of altering the traditional sequence of succession to the office of Vice-Mayor, manifested itself amongst the membership of our very own Town Council, leading some local observers to label the event as the playing out of dirty politics within Town Chambers.

    When word of this event reached my ears, I was for the first time in my over two decades of living and raising a family in Los Gatos, ashamed to call myself a Los Gatan.

    As this year comes to an end and a new year begins, with Vice-Mayor Barbara Spector having won re-election, and (soon to be former) Planning Commissioner Marcia having been newly elected, to the Town Council, I am hopeful that (to paraphrase President Barack Obama), “the [Town Council] is not as divided as its politics might suggest.”

    Taking a cue from our Canadian cousins to the north, I pray our Town Council conducts itself in the coming year with a mind towards “Peace, Order and Good Government.”

    Andrew H. Wu
    Los Gatos

    If you would like to submit a letter, please email me: kir@insidelg.com
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      Unregistered -
      the malfeasance was detected, critiqued, and soundly rejected by voters

      combined with a free press (pat yourself on the back), informed residents, and the ballot box made it clear who is really in charge

      the ditto's lane fiasco taught me that even a pipsqueack organization like LG town council must be kept under a microscope
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    MS stands for which city next to our town of Los Gatos?