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    Because of Mr. Terupt
    by Rob Buyea
    PUBLISHER: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
    NO. PAGES: 288
    GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction
    ISBN: 038573882X
    READ & REVIEWED BY: Eden - StorySnoop

    The Story:
    It is the beginning of fifth grade, and Mr. Terupt is a brand new teacher. He has his hands full with seven distinctive voices in his class: Jessica is the smart, new girl who isn't quite fitting in. Luke is the brain. Anna has a home life she's embarrassed about, and just wants to disappear. Peter is the class clown, who can't seem to sit down and focus. Lexie is a bully who feels that the best defense is a good offense. Jeffery just hates school, and nobody really knows why. Overweight Danielle can't ever seem to stand up for herself. Only Mr. Terupt seems able to reach his students, and things are beginning to look up for each of them until a fateful winter day where an accident occurs that will change everything and everyone.

    The Scoop: {spoiler alert}
    Because of Mr. Terupt is a lovely and inspirational story for the tween set. Each of the children in the story takes a turn narrating, which gives the reader insight into their particular situation, even though the characters may not understand each other. One girl is the daughter of a teenaged mother, who is still ostracized by a family that has strict religious beliefs. Another boy lost a brother with special needs, and his family is still grieving. The girl who bullies has a mother who has warned her not to let others take advantage of her. Mr. Terupt has an uncanny ability to understand his student's motivations and is just beginning to make progress with each of them when he is injured in an accident his students each feel responsible for. He spends several months in a coma, during which time the students must forge on without his guidance. They experience a great deal of anxiety visiting their teacher in the hospital when he has brain surgery. One of the best experiences Mr. Terupt's kids have is their surprisingly rewarding interaction with the special needs class in their school. Each student is ultimately able to conquer an important personal demon and recognize the lessons imparted to them. An important over-riding message in this book is that of personal responsibility. Most every reader will find at least one character that they identify with in this book.

    Content Keywords:
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    happy ending
    making new friends
    mean girls
    moving and relocation
    overcoming shyness
    parental separation
    positive teacher or mentor relationship
    single parenting
    special education
    supportive family relationship
    supportive friendship
    teacher role model
    traumatic events
    value of family

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